Wedding Photography Highlights

Wedding Photography Highlights

Real Memories captured by Gary & Paula

Another year over, and oh boy what a year! The amount of weddings Paula and I shoot year after year just keeps on rising and last year was no exception to that. Our busiest year to date, I’m guessing we’re doing something right!

Apology: Having said that, we need to apologise for the lack of Blogging last year. I know it’s a terrible excuse but with our other commitments i.e. Commercial Work, Portraits and our hugely “off-the-scale” successful Training Company, we just simply didn’t have the time. It’s something we promise to address this year.

Headache: OK so onto the highlights from last year. The hardest thing about showcasing our work is knowing what pictures to choose. I am definitely guilty of only showcasing my more classically styled images, but of course, that’s not the only pictures we take – far from it!

Let me explain: The more technically challenging pictures like the ones where we use video lights and flashes creatively to add drama to skies and buildings are a personal passion of mine, but then add the low-light pictures, the umbrella shots and of course the Rainy Shots into the mix, and the list grows longer by the minute…

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With so many great weddings to choose from, the new showcase will have images that have captured all the chapters of our Bride and Grooms story.

recent Wedding Photography HighlightsWedding Photography 2016 Highlights Wedding Photography 2016 Highlights

 The above images are just a small part of the day, we do of course still naturally document the entire wedding,  the small details, the big details, happy tears, big smiles and all those magic moments in between, and don’t forget the fun stuff that we actively encourage too.

These are your memories… the ones captured especially for you so you can  share and enjoy with your nearest and dearest forever.



Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Highlights

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Here’s to an even better year
Gary & Paula