Wedding Photography Ripley Castle

Wedding Photography Ripley Castle

Photography Training Ripley Castle

Ripley Castle Wedding Photography Training

This was the last training week, before we take a break until October and what a great week it was.
A full course which saw lots of ladies out numbering the gents this week… go girlies!!
Our location mock wedding was at the beautiful Ripley Castle near Harrogate. The sun was shining and the thermometer was showing over 80 degrees – summer had arrived…
Ripley Castle is such a versatile venue, giving the students many opportunities to put their new skills to use. But as we know bright sunny days with little area of shade pose their own issues, so a steep learning curve was on the cards today.

The walled garden around the back of the castle is a must for the trainees. The flower beds were a riot of reds and yellows and offered stunning backdrops … even if the odd bumble bee found its way under the dress and had Stacey jumping around trying to get it out… keep them cameras shooting guys! Great pictures… LOL.
At the end of the day we wandered down to water. The lake was so still and with the reflections of the castle upon it the trainees got the opportunity to try some “off camera flash”.
Time had ticked along; all too soon it was time to head back indoors for the final chat of the day and some much needed air conditioning! The day was hot, busy and full on; but no one ever said been a wedding photographer is easy!
Everyone agreed they had thoroughly enjoyed the day, learnt lots and had all produced a great portfolio of images. Well done everyone… now ready for day four!

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Wedding Photographers Ripley Castle

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