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Helen & Ian – Whirlowbrook Hall – Friday 6th July 2012

Helen & Ian had planned a late afternoon wedding at the beautiful Whirlowbrook Hall, situated just a few miles from the rolling hills of Derbyshire.

This was the wettest day Yorkshire had seen all year, and Sheffield was one of the hardest hit. The rain was relentless; we drove through flood after flood to reach the venue…

Whilst waiting for Helens arrival the most amazing thing happened- the rain stopped!  This was excellent for Helen, as she now didn’t have to make a mad dash indoors when she arrived.

Their ceremony was so moving that hankies were needed by the pocketfuls. Soon we were outside making the most of this unexpected fine weather even the sun managed an appearance! Group shots and funs shots were the order of the day, and we all had fun doing these, the kids were great posers, especially Alex and Charlie…

Helen made a fantastic model and looked truly stunning in her wedding gown – the off camera shots are fantastic… Ian didn’t do too bad either.



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Helen & Ian
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