Woodlands Hotel Leeds Weddings

Woodlands Hotel Leeds Weddings

Jenny & Chris Woodlands Hotel, Leeds

Jenny & Chris’s wedding took place at the lovely St. John’s Church in Lepton. The weather had not been kind the last few weeks; snow had covered most areas of Huddersfield with many feet of snow, but thankfully the thaw set in a few days before their big day and the spring flowers were just poking through adding a splash of colour.

Jenny travelled the short journey from home to Church in a fabulous VW campervan.

Woodlands Hotel Leeds Weddings

Our destination for the wedding breakfast was The Woodlands Hotel, Leeds. The snow was still lying on the ground where the sun didn’t reach, but it did make a lovely backdrop for their personal photograph time.

Jenny looked stunning in her dress, and it was well worth the chilly time we spent outside in order to get some great shots. The guests however, decided that watching them from the warmth of the hotel was the better option!

Soon it was time to eat and deliver Jenny & Chris back to the warmth of the beautifully decorated Marquee and to their waiting guests.

As the day was holding up well, we bobbed outside after the meal to take advantage of the last bit of light in order to take a selection of special lighting shots. Fab!

We would like to  thank all the staff at The Woodlands for making Jenny & Chris’s day perfect, and for looking after us so well.

Gary & Paula

Wedding Photography at the Woodlands Hotel Leeds

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Thanks, Gary & Paula

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