Holdsworth House Wedding Photography

Holdsworth House Wedding Photography
Mr & Mrs Woffindin
Holdsworth House Wedding Photography
28th Mar 2014

Sam & James – Holdsworth House Wedding Photography

The Wedding…

The lovely Holdsworth House in Halifax was the setting for today’s bride and groom, Sam & James.

Sam and all her bridesmaids stayed the night before and literally took over a whole suite of rooms for their bridal prep. Each room set up for different parts of prep was a great idea, and with one room completely tidy our photography before the ceremony was completed with time to spare.

After all the prep, and a couple glasses of bubbly, it was time for Sam to step into her dress. Her beautiful lace gown fitted her perfectly, along with a cathedral length veil to finish off the look she looked stunning, so with just time for a quick splash of Channel, it was time to go get her married!

James in the meantime had been spending time downstairs time with the boys, so it would probably be correct to assume that a little bit of alcohol was also on the agenda…

After the ceremony the guests headed out to the garden for formal pictures and drinks. The day was chilly and fine but the clouds where threatening, but that never stops us… brollies were on hand if needed! Spring flowers were adding a lovely touch of colour to the gardens and a little reminder that summer was now just around the corner.

The wedding breakfast room looked stunning in shades of purple, lilac and cream, elegant flower covered candelabras and miniatures bottles of homemade vodka for all the guests.

The speeches were brilliant, a great balance of humour and the best man’s insider info on the groom had the guests in stitches, even our lovely bride broke with tradition and added a few thank you’s of her own.

With the afternoon celebration completed and the sun now long set, we took our happy couple out for some evening fresh air… and just a few more photos, and it was well worth braving the cold for!

Soon the evening guests started to arrive, so it was time to head inside ready for the first dance to begin. The bridesmaids and ushers were all ready and waiting to start the party which carried on long into the night…

We would like to thank all the staff at Holdsworth House for making Sam & James big day perfect and for looking after us so well.

Paula & Gary

Holdsworth House Wedding Photography

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Holdsworth House Weddings Wedding Photography

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Thanks, Gary & Paula