Wedding Photography Holdsworth House

Mr & Mrs Taylor
Holdsworth House
14th March 2014

Nicky & Adrian – Wedding Photography Holdsworth House

The Wedding…

After meeting Nicky and Adrian for the very first time, we knew their day was going to be fun and mayhem all day, and we were not wrong.

Nicky’s bridal prep was at home, and joining her was a whole houseful of family and friends. Every room was busy with a different part of prep, and to add to the fun there appeared to be a lot of bottles of bubbly…

Nicky looked stunning in her beautiful dusky pink Ian Stuart dress, and was itching to get in to her genuine VW Campervan to take her to their wedding venue: Holdsworth House in Halifax.

Wedding Photography Holdsworth House

Pink was the statement colour for the wedding and Nicky had lovingly made by hand all the buttonholes, corsages, bouquets and room decoration – all shades of pink with just a hint of black.

The weather had been fab for the last few days, and the report for today was excellent, sunshine with a little cloud, slight breeze, the mercury was reading high…
Soon we were heading across to Holdsworth House ready to capture Adrian and the boys having a beer or two before Nicky’s arrival.

After a lovely ceremony, we headed outdoors for the formal photography, but alas something was missing… the sun! Now replaced with grey cloud, the temperature had plummeted and the rain clouds loomed overhead. But that didn’t stop our happy couple, so as planned the campervan headed up to a local beauty spot to carry on with their personal photos. Well that was the plan, but as we drove down to the water we were not quite so sure. Swirling fog, misty rain, and a howling wind that made the calm reservoir look more like the sea was awaiting us. Any normal photographer would have suggested turning around and head back to the warmth of the hotel… nope!

Nicky and Adrian were amazing, we didn’t spend too long outside, just enough to show what good sports they were and now have some great pictures to prove it.

Back at the Holdsworth House the guests were eagerly awaiting the return of the happy couple and heading into the stunning room for a fab wedding breakfast.

The afternoon finished on a round of great speeches from the boys, and the cutting of the cake.

Paula & Gary

Wedding Photography Holdsworth House - Weddings

Wedding Photography Holdsworth House

Wedding Photography Holdsworth House

Beautiful Wedding Photography at Holdsworth House

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