Woolley Hall Wedding Photography

Woolley Hall Wedding Photography, Woolley Hall Weddings
Mr & Mrs Barker
Woolley Hall Wedding Photography
2nd August 2014

Sarah & Matt – Woolley Hall Wedding Photography

The Wedding…

When we first met Sarah & Matt we knew they were going to be a fun couple to spend the day with.
Sarah was getting ready with her mum and maids, when we arrived. Sarah was still in makeup but the girls were finished and all ready to step in to their dresses. Everything at this point was on time, but as the maids left for church, Sarah still needed to do a couple of things…

The temperature was warm and sun was making the occasional appearance but the clouds were looking a little threatening, but that wasn’t going to stop Sarah and her Mum riding to church with the roof down… “hold on to that veil” we cried, as they set off for a breezy trip to St Hallows Church in Almondbury.

After a lovely ceremony, the guests headed to Woolley Hall for drinks and canapés, and we slipped away with the happy couple to Castle Hill for their personal photography shoot. It was a little wild on ‘The Hill’ but that added to the fun… especially running after Sarah’s veil on numerous occasions and dodging flying champagne corks!

So with all the images we needed completed we all headed for Woolley Hall. The driveway into this beautiful venue is long and winding, but still offered the waiting guests a good view of the wedding car and the bride and groom’s arrival. As the newlyweds stepped out of the car it was camera frenzy!

The day has turned out quiet pleasant and was still fine and warm, but it was soon time to seat the guests for the wedding breakfast and the all important entrance of the Bride and Groom. Matt had two best men, and between them they pulled off a very good roasting of the Groom, Sarah didn’t get away scott free, her Mum had a few little stories up her sleeve as well…

The evening was soon upon us, so we made the most of the time and light and headed for the Music Room for some stunning window shots. The sun was making its decent behind the huge trees now, so we finished the day with a few last shots in the garden, beautiful!

The first dance was outside in the garden and the dance floor was a well manicured lawn. Sarah & Matt had a lovely dance in front of all their guests, and they even ended it with a roll on the grass… brilliant!

We would like to thank all the staff at Woolley Hall for helping to make Sarah & Matt’s big day perfect and for looking after us so well.

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Beautiful Wedding Photography at Woolley Hall by Gary & Paula Gough

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Woolley Hall Wedding Photography, Woolley Hall Weddings

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